Innovation Doesn’t Have A Creativity Problem ; It’s Got A Commitment Problem

Innovation, the bastion of progress ( and often intense disruption by it’s proper definition ) always faced many critics. But creativity isn’t one. Commitment in the face of sometimes impossible odds is.

iGNITIATE - Innovation doesn't have a Creativity problem ; it's got a Commitment problem

Recently with research from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, The University of San Diego, and Yale university ideas surrounding creativity and as connected to innovation have led to an interest in biases which can exist and are can cause challenges for optimization. Innovation however ( breakthrough, disruptive, and game changing design and engineering efforts, funded by those who have the capacity and the ” who dares win ” attitude to execute on said efforts ) does not often face, such roadblocks. Why? Commitment to do and use no matter what.

While innovation ( in it’s most specific and true to form definition of a disruptive and often specific chain breaking effort utilized to either optimize output or, most likely, create fully new, patent protected ways of doing X ) is focused on teams and groups of people who have been empowered to do just that. Creativity for the sake of innovation, without stakeholder ( or a specific person’s commitment to drive said creative effort to fruition ) is often just creativity for creativity sake and not what organizations, specific functional execution teams, or corporations are focused on which is maximizing output. Maximizing use.

This also means that social stigmas, implicit bias, subconscious blockages and creativity biases are all real and valid. Where we see this the most is when person(s), teams, and organizations are not prepared, and willing to risk it all financially and time wise ( for their own carriers and thus the departments and firms they work for ) to make the change uncovered, designed or created into reality. In the case of those who are committed to realizations uncovered and defined, engineered and ready to go, biases, stigmas and blockages tend to be water under the bridge.

Innovation’s job is not only uncovering areas for change, designing, and creating new paths, it’s exactly specifically the role of taking the arduous often perilous journey, time and always resource intensive, ” long walk ” through all the engineering, R&D, and ready to go efforts so that X makes it into the real world. It’s then that larger next steps of full usability by many can be a reality and often with a larger organization to do that. Rome ( innovation ) obviously was not build in a ( creative ) day.


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