Igniting Innovation = -5,3,1 to +1,3,5 Timing

Innovation, more misused than almost any other word means misunderstandings multiply without the reality check of ” timing ” being present.  But how can we cultivate it, timing, a mechanism even more misconstrued than possibly the word innovation itself ? But it doesn’t need to be. Here’s how.

With the ever present idea by Mark McCormack that “you can’t teach timing” means the reality is that with a keen understanding of raw scientific research X taking sometimes 10 or more initial years, and ultimately 20 when it comes to truly experimental underlying physical sciences research, then leads to to an almost 10yr in lab invention window Y  before the primary movement to a usable Z based v0.5 of said original ground breaking X research takes place. Thus is the capability to teach innovation ( timing ) possible yes.

In the classic example of  Douglas Englebart’s 1st lectures of a mouse ( based on years of previous efforts ) on what computers could be ( and would be ) and including his ground breaking work with augmented and virtual reality capabilities ( 1961 ) from work completed in US Military labs many more years earlier ( 1954 ) ; culminating with Englebart’s ” Mother of All Demos ” ( 1968 ) then changed the face of computing. This led directly to the the creation of the the Xerox Alto at the famous Xerox PARC Labs ( 1972 ) resulting in the team pilfered from PARC to Apple who created of the 1st Macintosh Prototype ( 1981 ) and then onto launch of the the 1st Macintosh computer ( 1984 ) = a roughly 30yr ( 1054 – 1984 ) 3 phase path. And, where ” industrial ” use was in a -5,3,1 ( in commercial labs ) to real world +1,3,5 to launch system.

With the infrastructure in place via a government, military, commercial or artistic R&D model, the realty of The “ARPA Model” and as detailed in Funding Breakthrough Research: Promises and Challenges the pattern not only becomes clear, but the timing even more carefully articulated and the marathon model uncovered that allows this to happen. Through consistent and carefully orchestrated internal competition and leadership rotations a relay system emerges which allows for breakthrough efforts to run the hurdles necessary for what could previously never have been done before to gestate and birth, within the explicit context of experimentation to usability, legitimate innovations. Surprisingly then timing, no matter how complex the jazz timing or how syncopated the movement of the players becomes, there is a way to achieve more than expected from the outset and exactly how cutting edge firms are able to leverage this today.



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