Want perfectly simple products and services? Ditch the Advertising

In “SIMPLE” by Siegel and Gale’s Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn we see the complexity in advertising agency “luxuriousness” – large design fees. Want to debunk it? Simply, Leave out the advertisers. Here’s how: 
In SIMPLE” by Siegel and Gale’s Alan Siegel and Irene Etzkorn it’s more advertising religion about advertising but not if you follow what your mother always told you: be honest straight from the start. 
     1) “encountering focus group consumers who expressed a clear preference for food products with fewer ingredients” —-> no, consumers want amazingly well made products cheap. It’s not possible – hence advertising. It’s something to deal with. 
     2) “ use the term “breakthrough simplicity” to describe an approach to innovation that is rooted in finding new ways to make everything simpler.” —> no, it means accepting complexities cost. 
     3) “the airlines example” no, it means working towards Google’s dead simple interfaces (and not knowing anything about the back end)  not following yahoo’s example of advertising everything. people want cheap tickets, a snack and no gimmicks. Do that you have a winner. Example: JetBlue & EasyJet
     4) “THE MORE COMPLICATED A PARTICULAR PRODUCT OR SERVICE WITHIN THAT INDUSTRY MAY BE, THE MORE OPPORTUNITIES THERE ARE FOR SIMPLIFICATION.” no, the more opportunities to advertise the deficienies and waste money charging for it. Simple products require no advertising. 
     5) “make the right high-quality choices for these customers–and then make sure they understand that what you’re providing is a simple solution ” no, stop making things complicated from the start. if you can put it all on one chart (and any company can) then decisions are easy, else, else, it’s advertising complicating it. Example, the simple VC rule. “explain it to me like I’m 5”
     6) “
Today, it’s clear that most people–more than 80 percent” no, it’s always been this way. when has anyone ever asked for life to be more complicated? never. this is tautological and why? “ 72 percent of U.S. consumers want companies to be more transparent” ergo, when has anyone ever wanted the wool pulled over their eyes? Never. 
     7) “An Adweek/Harris Poll noted that three-quarters of Americans have found a commercial on TV confusing. On a more consistent basis, 21 percent often find that commercials lack clarity.” no, it’s even easier than that – customers don’t like being confused or lied to
and finally, “And last and foremost–getting back to what matters most in business–simplicity sells.”, yes, as when products put in front of the consumer what is, what can be, what will happen when they use X, and what it will cost it is values and professional services firms can charge for it, else, it’s just advertising.


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