MemRistors + MemGTP + MemOS Might Mean MemInnovation

With ( possibly ) mathematically, the most radical technological upheaval in adoption that humanity has seen, Ai is poised to make MemInnovation happen shortly. Can such a thing be said ? Yes.

iGNITIATE: MemRistors + MemGTP + MemOS + Might Mean MemInnovation
Via the creation and culmination of years of research into non-silicon and semi-silicon chip fabrication designed brain like, neuronal processor and processing technology, and as detailed in Dynamical Memristors For Higher-Complexity Neuromorphic Computing we see the capability that now ( and even in some software systems alone ) full personalized AI with long-term memory ( thus the 3rd self ); self-editing memory; infinite context windows; access to unlimited data; customizable tools; and thus, essentially, long-term memory is already here. With the stitching together of technologies such as MemRistors / Neuromorphing computing and interfaces such as MemGTP a new fabric of systems and what is being called MemOS and thus gtpOS or as referenced in the past the idea of an ownable version of The Third Self has come into usability in it’s early forms. Think the 1st version of Douglas Engelbart’s ” The Mother of All Demos ” or Xerox PARC’s Alto GUI that made it’s way into the creation of the 1st Mac computers by Apple.

With the specific ability of MemRistors + MemGTP + MemOS to move designer and innovation practitioners into a capability can that can be considered MemInnovation, we see the further the capability of participatory innovation & generative design system can directly effects the way advanced R&D and design efforts evolve. More specifically when non-linear and novel technological and design centric integration takes place Skunkworks models of R&D, innovation and design efforts can evolve at a pace faster than the technology produced – all due to the design oriented aspect of the technology. In this case there is the possibility to say that systems and technologies such as MemRistors + MemGTP + MemOS create integrations, platforms, that perform, essentially, second order derivative thus almost creating a rate of change to find ( utilize ) the acceleration of an object ( when velocity – the uptake of such specific technologies ) are given by first derivative.

Further in Disruptive Science Has Declined – Even As Papers Proliferate in Nature magazine, and with an incredible sample size of 45 million manuscripts along with utilizing the data from 3.9 million patents we see the notion ( where the long held bastion of what is determined to be ” innovative ” ) that converging technologies such as MemRistors + MemGTP + MemOS even more rapidly than before are pushing out the notion ( and acceptance ) of what is disruption and thus true innovation. Where this then becomes particularly interesting is the way in which firms that are investing in said patents almost to create an unbreakable ( if Patented fast enough ) barrier to creativity as thus inadvertently discouraging radical design and innovation efforts unless the value of the output to the larger owned system takes place and which is of incredible value to the firms that focus on the creation and use of such efforts. Thus the idea of ” innovation is dead, long live innovation ” is fully rooted in the development of Neuromorphic Computing / MemRistors + MemGTP + MemOS and which is here / right around the corner.

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