History’s Heartbeat of Innovation Influence. Next Up: AI

With the advent of…..but X isn’t an advent as AI’s timing is exactly on-cycle!


iGNITIATE - History's Heartbeat of Innovation Influence. Next Up: AI


 By the books ( and by ” the math ” where the presence of large gravitational forces / shifts warble space time ) so to is it time for another massive warping / evolution to our technological advancement, and it’s AI, now making that shift but unlike the web and mobile devices that seem like the horse and buggy in the wake of AI systems easily accessible to designers and engineers. Again, by the math and the initial development of the 1st web browsers and web systems by Tim Burners-Lee at CERN in pre 1991, we saw the 1st general user web interfaces with The Mosaic web browsers about 4yrs later in January 1993. A more formal and very well funded Netscape Navigator firm and it’s Initial release date of December 1994 brought the big money / ” the 500lb  gorilla ” of Microsoft buying a web browser company and then with Microsoft IE in June 1998 ( after a 4yr window ) overtaking Netscape’s market dominance and plainly visible in the history of that advancement: web browsing for everyone and client server technology being embedded into everything.


 With the very first GPT or GPT-1 introduced in June 2018 ( just like Tim Berners-Lee’s WWW )  by Dec 2022 and with ChatGTP fully online ( with the planned GTP-4 launch actually ready for 2022 ) the roughly 4yr advancement / evolutionary cycle becomes visible again. This time, with the generally outrageous capabilities that seem almost plug and play into any existing system the GTP-esque series of technologies shows how radical and society changing a technological advancement can be and where it has been able to be adopted so quickly. The capability of code repositories accessible on the fly for auto compilation and usage by any system that can interface with such code repositories means that the GTP-esque capabilities are growing and expanding as fast as developers can prototype possibilities. Image creation with Dall-E, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, all the way to 3D modeling ( then onto mesh object creation ) from text prompt capabilities and even tensor based holographic imaging systems that can run directly on now affordable mobile phones, the ramifications of what this means for design and engineering could be measured to show a full order of magnitude leap in comparison to web, mobile, etc., technological advancements of the past. And this, was all, roughly, just in 2022.


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