Connecting The Innovation Dots = Full Ecosystem Awareness

Without full Ecosystem awareness innovation is often disjointed, but pull it all together and innovation connection equals rapid ROI creation like it or not.

Never in the history of humanity has the power of disconnectedness been more unlikely than today when algorithms we can’t see and sometimes can’t even understand have almost complete control over the success or failure of rapid innovation advancement effectiveness. As such, every innovator now has the initial ( before an innovation even begins ) responsibility to be completely aware of the ecosystem to which an innovation ( disruptive or incremental ) is emerging into. Without this awareness comes not only the harsh reality check of past capabilities set to either be re-enforced the current system or the which can be re-programmed. This also does not ignore the possibility of missing key areas for specific creativity and thus further breakthroughs unnoticed due to black box data directly driving the algorithms due to specific systematic obscurification.

But, put all the pieces together and within the context of the Product / Service Systems ( PSS ) and a much stronger case is possible for full Ecosystem Awareness via a Connecting The Innovation Dots mentality. In Designing Product/Service Systems: A Methodological Exploration we see how a fully integrated PSS means extensions of a service component around a traditionally product-oriented situation or the
introduction of a new service component marketed as a product for business activities that are usually service-oriented. What is more important often is how the ratio between product and service components due to technological developments, economic optimization, and the changing needs of users in the eco system means a stronger barrier to entry ( when protected by legitimate patent, copyright and trademark defenses ) means different combinations of products and services can fulfill the same needs.

This overlap however means the common point of those services is where they are conceived and offered as products, which are designed by taking into account a series of economic and technological criteria specific to the knowledge that a full ecosystem mentality is the only way for innovation success, ala, ( in today’s world many of the times ) the black box of search engine effectiveness. This not only emphasizes the relevance of the designer in the definition of new PSS environments but also that ignorance of them means certain doom for truly breakthrough innovation efforts.

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