Design and Innovation Does Not Shy Away from Conflict It Embraces It

Design is no stranger to conflict, it is the basis for the creative process, the force that drives the sometimes blatant necessity to be different – at the forefront of the state of the art. Art is, by it’s definition the uniqueness necessary to differentiate one possible outcome for a configuration for success – or when all else fails to copy and slightly modify someone else’s work. But what happens when complex groups are involved for the purpose of averaging a set of needs by customers who are not able to see the whole picture for products and services that they do not even know they need or want yet. This is where conflict for transformation change kicks in.

Skillfully defined by S.A.K. Friis and the Kolding School of Design in their analysis of Conflict As A Driver For Transformation In Creative Teamwork  we can see the full picture of the tools and mechanisms necessary to effect radical change in organizations, products, and services. This also knows no bounds for effecting innovations in R&D Labs where heavy investment costs can directly effect the success or failure of market changing endeavors.

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