Your Goals

Looking to design & launch a new cutting edge product? Want to leverage intellectual property from your R&D ? Sense it's time to educate senior staff on innovation models for organizational growth? iGNITIATE is where firms come to design & launch game changing products & services and to leverage specialized innovation education. iGNITIATE, utilizes our focused "strategize, sketch & ship", new product development model in conjunction with our creative disruption model to produce immediate, tangible returns fostering a continuous pipeline of new product innovations in our clients firms. Our international team of designers, engineers, strategists, new product launch execution specialists and change management & leadership experts each have an average of more than two decades of experience working with Fortune 500 organizations, university R&D labs, private and family offices as well as governments around the globe.

Design Strategy
+ Analyitics

Design Breakthroughs, New Products Development successes and Innovative Services Models are born 1st by solid Design Strategies + Analyitics then mapping Innovation, Design, Disruption Competitive Forces onto Perceiving Trends and Market Directions which when mapped correctly to user interest and functional requirements differentiate good products from great products. By employing iGNITIATE's proven New Product Development techniques and through Hearing the Consumer via Personal Interactions, Social Media & Surveys a further granularity is achieved. Through this and with our international roster of clients we have been able to see great successes at firms such as: Bard Medical Devices, USA; Pepsi Cola, USA; Merck - Medco California, USA; MIT, USA; Alooni, Italy; Roche Bobois, Paris; NSFast @ The National Science Foundation; USA Tech Expo Manhattan, USA; Richard Schultz Furniture, USA; Bluestar Capital, USA; Natwest Bank, USA

Product Design
+ Innovation

iGNITIATE's international design team is composed of highly qualified world class design & engineering professionals of various disciplines, each having diverse experiences, history, and approaches with a common design philosophy: intelligent disruptive design through creative research. This allows us to work through the process of Engaging Disruptive Design onto Engineering and Realization efforts and with Branding and Packaging has produced breakthrough products. With an international roster of clients we have been able to see great successes at firms such as: REUTPALA @ The World Retail Congress London & Rome; The SEED Foundation, DC, USA; TOPIADE @ Louis Vuitton, Paris; Avero Inc. >Manhattan, USA; OM @ Fujitsu, Tokyo; The Center for Advanced Technology, DC, USA; 123 CONTACT @ Bausch & Lomb Intl., Rochester, NY; The National Science Foundation, Washington, DC, USA; M.ONDE @ Sunstar-Butler Intl, Tokyo; SHARING @ Swarovski, Austria; CINECAFE @ CinEcitta Rome, Italy; and many more.

Leveraging IP
+ R&D Commercialization

IP + R&D is the bedrock of true breakthroughs and design innovation. Through our Balanced R&D Portfolio Scorecard system for prioritizing and managing the launch of new and emerging technologies, products and services along with our Design, Disruption and IP Implementation Strategy we have been able to help our clients globally to leverage the power of design through transitioning advanced R&D into the real world. Our past successes with venture capital, university R&D, government laboratories, corporations and small/mid-size firms has produced successful new product development launches at firms such as: NSFast @ National Science Foundation Washington DC; Imperial University, London; SPECKLED @ The Laurence Livermore National Labs , USA; Xerox PARC Labs, Cambridge, UK; D-Labs @ Confidential, Portugal; to name just a few.

+ Training

With more than 15 separate certificate bearing instructional systems in the areas of design, engineering, design thinking, innovation, the R&D mindset, rapid prototyping, new product development, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, iGNITIATE offers specific, one, two, three, five and custom created 30 day programs via our: and where all systems deliver to the newly initiated individual, group, experienced leader or executive the ability to ignite a sustainable innovation mindset and innovation pipeline inside their organization.

iGNITE Program
+ Change Management

Since 2005 The iGNITE Program and iGNITIATE's Change Management Efforts have been deployed in countless international corporations, family run businesses, universities and with one of our most impacting successes with the US Navy . Via iGNITIATE's Design Thinking & Innovation Executive Education & Leadership program in conjunction with How to Deploy Design Disruption followed by Assessing Your Organizations Innovation Quotient and then leveraging Custom Change Management Consulting Efforts we assist your firm in creating a sustainable innovation and design culture inside your organization. All of this has produced successful international leadership and change management engagements at firms such as: The US Navy , Newport, USA; Imperial University, London; ENPC Paris Tech , Paris, France; A* & the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Singapore; McCann Erickson , Milan; Laureate International,Baltimore, USA & Santiago, Chile; and many others.