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The Innovation and New Product Development Warmup Program, created by iGNITIATE has been deployed to 1000’s globally since 2005 at some of the worlds leading organizations, government, and corporate firms and is a hybrid program design, design thinking, engineering, leadership and strategic design. The program is created for R&D innovation experts and future change agents for not only engineering and design effectiveness but as a platform both for individual, executive growth and professional connections.

The iGNITE Convergence Program NPD Warmup focuses on the understanding to foster a continual innovation focus inside corporations and global organizations having been, wholly or in part, deployed at R&D labs internationally, large government offices and with military teams as a leadership development program worldwide. iGNITIATE’s Innovation Change Management tool set focuses on specific design thinking and new product development capabilities, which is part of iGNITIATE’s own strategize, sketch and ship model having been utilized internationally since 2001. Before the Stanford iGNITE Program, before the Cambridge iGNITE Program, iGNITIATE’s own iGNITE Convergence Program Design Sprint system was created and launched in 2005 as the worlds 1st and only fully integrated design, design thinking, new product development, entrepreneurship, innovation and change management program.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Leaders working on product or service innovation efforts; individuals involved in organizational change and transformation projects; designers facilitating new product development efforts who want to grow their toolbox; future leaders who want to enhance their effectiveness and personal resilience in the face of innovation based corporate cultures; decision-making and analytics experts who are focusing on up-skilling their team’s group decision making and operational effectiveness capabilities.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: From theory to tools to things, The iGNITE Convergence Program NPD Warmup system encapsulates at a minimum R&D focuses for efforts called to effect wider firms systems; authentic growth in these areas; Action and Movement capabilities then moving on to creating internal and extra organizational conditions for innovation and creativity to take place and grow; moving on to building the necessary leadership skills for the constantly evolving Digital Economy, software and hardware NPD Agility situations; dealing with non-linear organizational and emergent change, creativity, making trends before they happen, trend R&D, and generating movement when there can be no movement until the warmup begins


ENDORSEMENTS FROM:  a small subset of international participants can be seen below as well as in the case study of the  iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman for the Vice Admiral of the US Navy and the Director of Naval Operations all of which include:

  • “A very dynamic and highly thought-provoking program thanks to the unique and refreshing no-BS policy of the entire expereince and team. I walked out with a new mind-blowing perspective on how human behaviors and relations impact design, new product development and business decisions along with the R&D strategies at the highest level to launch game changing innovative products”
    – Dr Igor Sobkowicz: Ph.D.Materials Science,
    PV Solar Cell R&D Engineer at Cupertino Electric, Inc.
    San Francisco, USA


  • “This was bound to be a very hard group as this is 100% outside most of our comfort zones so thank you for making us try and pushing us to make it work!”
    – US AIR FORCE Pilot Wing Commander – Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing


  • “The schedule was very focused and intense and the program was packed with very useful first hand information about design, design thinking, new product development, innovation and leadership toolsets specifically on how to get innovation efforts into the right direction for investors and manufacturers.”
    – Malte Schöfer
    Manager New Product Development & Innovation
    P3 Group @ Karlsruher Institut für Technologie


  • “I learned some of the most insightful lessons about design, design thinking, new product development and innovation in The iGNITE Convergence Program”
    – Roukaya El Houda
    Associate @ McKinsey & Company


  • “The iGNITE Program was extremely realistic, evoking creativity from a design perspective and a pragmatic approach to launching products that had a true value add in a global market”
    – Leyla Pursharifi
    Director of Sales @ ATP ATELIER, Sweeden
    Past Country Manager at Maison Kitsune, France