iGNITE Convergence Program Series - Innovation Ironman for Laureate International
iGNITE Program + Change ManagementInstruction + Training

Innovation Ironman
Laureate International

Client: Laureate International
Location: USA & Santiago, Chile

The iGNITE Convergence Program Series Innovation Ironman was implemented for the Board and Chairman of Laureate International at their yearly CEO conference consisting of more than 60 international group CEO’s as well as operational leaders and managers. The program was later implemented at multiple Laureate International locations and embedded into the fabric of the Laureate International organization as a design marathon based model bringing a continued sense of impact and energy to the organization, it’s students and it’s staff.

Created, running internationally, and continuously since 2005, The iGNITE Convergence Program Series was the worlds first, complete, sketch to ship, design, design thinking, engineering, innovation, entrepreneurship, change management and leadership development program and has been delivered in part and/or in total to 1000’s globally to date.

The iGNITE Convergence Program Series contains 4 specific certificates and a 5th, The iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman, which is not for the faint of heart, rather embracing the Italian mentality of Forza Nel Futuro – Strength from a Focused Future ! The iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman is an extremely focused, internationally validated, 45hr, 3 credit hour, PhD, MBA, MS certificate program consisting of: A) 3 day @ 15hrs/day, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday format for busy corporate teams, entrepreneurs, government offices & military clients B) 4 day @ 11hrs/day or 5 day @ 9hrs/day, program for academic and university institutions. A full list of iGNITIATE’s Change Management Capabilities and The iGNITE Convergence Program Series Ironman itself can be found here.