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Transformation and innovation are necessary for people and organizations to succeed and thrive globally but often our best people are out of the loop regarding new technologies, innovative processes and the breakthrough mindset.  iGNITIATE is where firms come to physically design & launch game changing products & services and to, when necessary, leverage specialized innovation education to aid in personal and organizational transformation via the design, deign thinking plus R&D mindset.

Since 2005, The iGNITE Program has been the worlds 1st ever fully integrated innovation, design, design thinking, engineering, and finance program and in conjunction with The iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman system, integrates the best design and innovation processes and techniques to either focus participants to work on specific problems identified by an individual and/or to work on a specific challenges given by program sponsors for best in class solutions to be presented back to senior leadership of an organization.

The iGNITE Convergence Program Series Ironman and iGNITIATE’s Change Management Efforts are some of iGNITIATE’s most globally influential initiatives having engaged with countess individuals internationally to date and is just one part of iGNITIATE’s Instruction and Training offerings for fostering a continual innovation focus inside corporations and global organizations. The system, in part or as a whole, has been deployed at labs internationally, large government offices, university programs, and with military teams as a R&D, new product development and innovation leadership mindset development program. iGNITIATE’s Innovation Change Management tool set focuses on specific design, creativity, design thinking, engineering, innovation and new product development capabilities, which is part of iGNITIATE’s own strategize, sketch and ship model having been delivered internationally since 2001. Before the Stanford iGNITE Program, before the Cambridge iGNITE Program, iGNITIATE’s own iGNITE Convergence Program Series Ironman was created and launched in 2005 as the worlds 1st and only fully integrated design, design thinking, engineering, new product development, entrepreneurship, innovation and change management program.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Previously focusing on Innovation Mavericks, PhD Scientists, Engineer and Finance Executives,  the initial program from 2005 stems from more than 15 different courses in 5 disciplines ( PhD Engineering, MBA Innovation and MS Industrial Design ) and was combined into one IronMan certificate internationally validated by numerous corporate, government, military and university institutions. Split into three, four or five days, the iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman transforms leaders and experienced executives into MacGyver innovation masters to propel participants in any industry to the next level of their career.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: From theory to tools to things, The iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman Certificate is the culmination of all of iGNITIATE’s trainings in one place and presented as an intense 45hr total, 3 credit hour PhD Engineering, MBA Innovation and MS Industrial Design certificate in Innovation and New Product Development transferable to any university or country specific, corporate continuing education system. 36 tools, 36 exercises, 36 case studies, team presentations, full 360 degree feedback and full interaction with the C-Level and/or board of your firm to ignite specific change and future scenario launches based on what is uncovered, prototyped and presented at the culmination of the program.

ENDORSEMENTS FROM:  just a small subset of international participants can be seen below as well as in the case study of the  iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman for the Vice Admiral of the US Navy and the Director of Naval Operations which also includes:

  • “An extremely attractive approach to design, new product development, innovation and leadership. While being very challenging, the iGNITE program was also amazingly innovative – I’ve learned to adapt, put a name to and utilize processes I was aware of on an intuitive level. This program empowers and motivates future leaders!”
    – Dr. Dorin Dusciac: PhD. Atomic & Condensed Matter Physics
    Deputy Minister of Environment
    Republic of Moldova


  • “We needed this. Bold and revolutionary ideas & tools didn’t follow a cookie cutter process. Very necessary for some while proving to us that we can execute efforts quickly.”
    – Senior Intelligence Officer CIA
    United States Department of Defense
    Washington, DC USA


  • “The iGNITE Program’s intense format and methods packs an incredible amount of knowledge and tools in one place. It was hands-on, offering case studies, tools and team exercises on all areas of the design and new product development industry from developing a collaborative design effort, to considering the sustainability of products, manufacturing and working with stakeholders. The iGNITE Program pushed our diverse group of finance, engineering and design professionals to our limits which allowed us to develop invaluable skills for problem solving and leadership in the design world and beyond.”
    – Jennifer Litarowich
    Roberto Coin Jewelers Worldwide
    New York, NY USA


  • “Fantastic program, with great focus on design, new product development and innovation leadership by combining the strength of very opposing personalities”
    – Dr. Patrick Etyngier: PhD. Applied Maths, Computer Science
    Head of Clinical & Research Board Europe
    Philips Medical
    Paris, France


  • “…one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and, I walked out knowing exactly what i needed to do to design and launch a game changing product while gaining incredible leadership skills along the way….”
    – Zahi Awad: MBA. Senior Strategist
    PwC + McKinsey Company
    Beirut, Lebanon