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The iGNITE Convergence Program Innovation Marathon is one of the most intensive design, design thinking, new product developed, engineering, innovation and leadership development systems on the planet. This program is delivered in a higly intense format with internationally recognized and highly experienced design, industrial design, service design, design thinking, engineering and innovation practitioners. These world leading experts have extensive knowledge within the various fields, tools and techniques including personal coaching, mentoring, master classes and in-depth knowledge of product design and service design thinking tools and methodologies for advanced R&D design and technological implementation .

The iGNITE Convergence Program Innovation Marathon system focuses on fostering a continual innovation focus inside corporations and global organizations having been, wholly or in part, deployed at R&D labs internationally, large government offices and with military teams as a leadership development program worldwide. iGNITIATE’s Innovation Change Management tool set focuses on specific design thinking and new product development capabilities, which is part of iGNITIATE’s own strategize, sketch and ship model having been utilized internationally since 2001. Before the Stanford iGNITE Program, before the Cambridge iGNITE Program, iGNITIATE’s own iGNITE Convergence Program Design Sprint system was created and launched in 2005 as the worlds 1st and only fully integrated design, design thinking, new product development, entrepreneurship, innovation and change management program.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Focusing on Innovation Mavericks, PhD Scientists, Engineer and Finance Executives, the initial program stemmed from more than 15 different courses in 5 disciplines ( PhD Engineering, MBA Innovation and MS Industrial Design ) and was combined into an Innovation Marathon system for individuals who intend on taking the next big step towards actually applying design, product development, innovation and design thinking tools and techniques in their daily work. Industry Executives, Senior Government Policy Makers and R&D experts are uniquely positioned for the The iGNITE Convergence Program Innovation Marathon which can transform leaders at any level into innovation mavericks and propel them into the next level of their leadership career.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: From theory to tools to things, The iGNITE Convergence Program Innovation Marathon system encapsulates at a minimum R&D focuses for efforts called to effect wider firms systems; authentic growth in these areas; Action and Movement capabilities then moving on to creating internal and extra organizational conditions for innovation and creativity to take place and grow; moving on to building the necessary leadership skills for the constantly evolving Digital Economy, software and hardware NPD Agility situations; dealing with non-linear organizational and emergent change, creativity, making trends before they happen, trend R&D, and generating movement when there can be no movement until the relay begins. All tools from smaller iGNITE Convergence Program toolsets are part of the Innovation Marathon as well as custom tools at the request of each client.

ENDORSEMENTS FROM:  a small subset of international participants can be seen below as well as in the case study of the  iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman for the Vice Admiral of the US Navy and the Director of Naval Operations all of which include:

  • “The iGNITE program was something that I remember the most from my PhD program because I was pushed beyond my limits and this changed the course of my career. Our team was in last place during the first two days but in the end, on the 3rd day we won the project review voted on by everyone in the program: a mixed group of designers , engineers and business professionals. I think this is what iGNITE is all about: achieving the impossible when you aren’t sure what that even means when you start….”
    – Amin Shabani: Chemical Engineering PhD
    REHAU Advanced Technologies and Materials


  • “A VERY challenging atmosphere which makes it possible to do things that I would NEVER do in normal conditions. The iGNITE program was huge and the instructors very straight to the point which enable them to cover incredible amounts in a very short time while making me really think about design, creating a sustainable the enterprise, its goals and way to success. Kept the whole program very entertaining and knew exactly how to get us to work. The instructors were very open and realistic about what was being taught, about their ideas and how to make things work in the real world.”
    – Chinese MBA Graduate in Innovation


  • “I felt the iGNITE program delivered great value & facilitated feedback on our beliefs and encouraged collaborating with other members. The program was had a very positive attitude with a tough subject and a very tough group”
    – US NAVY Pilot and Deputy Commander Joint Carrier Air Wing


  • “Great background, charisma from the team and teaching method which bakes an incredible amount of knowledge into people in just no time. This definitely is about real life. I had so much fun !”
    – Japanese International Designer


  • “The iGNITE program is a serious, dedicated and energetic program for those who are interested in embracing the value of the emotional, critical and analytical design processes for new product innovation launches. The incredible pace of the program sets you up for the very realities of the industry. I was fortunate to be part of The iGNITE Program in it’s early years which prepared me for the pace, the complexities and perhaps most importantly introduced me to the method of specific design thinking needed for creative new product development endeavors. From ideation and prototyping to pitch, production and launch.”
    – Jesper Dahl
    Senior Digital Strategist
    Global Markets, Sweden