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The iGNITE Program
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This high-energy 2-day Product Design, Engineering, Design Thinking and Innovation program delivers a powerful entry into principles, key tools & terminology with extremely specific hands-on doing with tools, techniques and capabilities found in programs costing 10 times as much. In combination with other tools and techniques including our iGNITE Convergence Program IronMan series, participants will walk away prepared for the rigors of international new product development efforts. Pricing is consummate with local currency and capabilities and is delivered in conjunction with local functional level experts.

The iGNITE Convergence Program Design Sprint System and Change Management Efforts are some of iGNITIATE’s most globally influential initiatives having engaged with 1000’s internationally to date and is just one part of iGNITIATE’s Instruction and Training offerings for fostering a continual innovation focus inside corporations and global organizations having been, wholly or in part, deployed at R&D labs internationally, large government offices and with military teams as a leadership development program worldwide. iGNITIATE’s Innovation Change Management tool set focuses on specific design thinking and new product development capabilities, which is part of iGNITIATE’s own strategize, sketch and ship model having been utilized internationally since 2001. Before the Stanford iGNITE Program, before the Cambridge iGNITE Program, iGNITIATE’s own iGNITE Convergence Program Design Sprint system was created and launched in 2005 as the worlds 1st and only fully integrated design, design thinking, new product development, entrepreneurship, innovation and change management program.

WHO IS THIS FOR: Focusing on Innovation Mavericks, PhD Scientists, Engineer and Finance Executives, the initial program stemmed from more than 15 different courses in 5 disciplines ( PhD Engineering, MBA Innovation and MS Industrial Design ) and was combined into a 2 day Design Sprint implementation which can transform leaders at any level into innovation mavericks and propel them into the next level of their leadership career.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: From theory to tools to things, The iGNITE Convergence Program Design Sprint system encapsulates at a minimum: Stakeholder Mapping: eco-system exploration, corporate and external firm competitive analysis and champion identification; Value Network Mapping: focusing on providing specific insight into what must be given to whom and when to increase R&D effectiveness for advanced organizational change and emerging technology adoption; Personas Control: creating the underlying structure for Customer Journey Mapping through champion influencing to get at hear of use objectives, behavior, and attitudes for developing and launching improvements or innovations; Use customer Journey Mapping: to understand perception, experience and motivation towards change and usage; Service Scenarios: for visualizing how a (newly designed) service or action is used from an end person’s point of view and onto; Prototyping: and restructuring to test a product or service function in a ‘low tech’ environment with relevant stakeholders and champions with specific artifacts from cardboard, circuit design, paper or Legos along with group work and stakeholder and champion role play for end goal success.

ENDORSEMENTS FROM:  a small subset of international participants can be seen below as well as in the case study of the  iGNITE Convergence Program Ironman for the Vice Admiral of the US Navy and the Director of Naval Operations all of which include:

  • “Very lively and pro-active. The whole iGNITE program was original and kept the interest of the class. It has really made me see the other side of the wall. Extremely interactive and instructors were well mastered in subject and special style.”
    – American Masters Graduate in Software Engineering


  • “I have used design thinking approaches and also planned design thinking workshops before and still I learned allot of new tools and applications. I enjoyed the iGNITE programs energy & the teams willingness to jump in with a dynamic, difficult & challenging group!”
    – Commanding Officer & Captain U.S. Coast Guard


  • Unorthodox approach to teaching the contents of the course. Extremely interactive approach involving every participant. Very dynamic and challenging. The iGNITE program was very challenging.”
    – French Experienced Executive & PhD


  • “The program challenged us and let us practice the activities and skills we will use in the future. Well done!”
    – US AIR FORCE Pilot & Commanding Officer Strike Fighter Squadron