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Client: Fujitsu
Location: Tokyo, Japan

One of iGNITIATE’s most substantial and intricate projects is the OM system. After several investigations into post traumatic stress disorder symptoms and the basic mechanisms used by doctors, hospitals and health care companies a basic functional analysis shows how returning to a normal life after a calamity: a heart attack, cancer, family deaths, loss of job, work related stress, old age symptoms, and most recently the 911 attacks in the U.S. it became clear that many patients become paralyzed with fear, anxiety, depression, etc., after such events.

Typical rehabilitation efforts often center on pharmaceutical efforts with limited doctor patient interactions due to rising health care costs and insurance companies reducing and even removing these treatments for their patients.

The OM system is based directly on assisting: patients in dealing with their symptoms, doctors with their tracking their
patients progress, and drug companies with clinical trials monitoring. Via a simple device that tracks basic user body functions and how a person is feeling during their day through a specific and patented interface system, a patients emotional and physical well being is made available to medical practitioners, therefore increasing the likelihood of a patients speedy recovery.