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Client: ESSIRI Labs
Location: Boston, USA

A rebranding, package design, new product development and sustainable-package effort for USA-based ÈSSIRI Labs, the international manufacturer and distributor of optocosmetics. The design incorporates a full strategy and new product development innovation process. The strength of the project comes from it’s bottom up R&D process as well as a customer facing investigation into safe-eye-beauty and eye-wellness for travel and every day life in the ’new normal’.

ÈSSIRI Labs’ scientific platform is based on peer-reviewed research by global experts in the field of vision health. With determination to ameliorate the deleterious effects of cosmetics on the eye’s ocular surface—without sacrificing function and style—a brand was born. Uniquely formulated for sensitive eyes and skin, contact lens wearers, and sufferers of dry eye disease and digital eye strain, the brand wins backing from leading eye care specialists.

Building out a self-care ecosystem that fuses safe beauty, hormonal health, eye nutrition, ocular hygiene and digital eye awareness, ÈSSIRI Labs focuses on recycled, up-cycled, biodegradable and generally green-friendly, sustainable packaging combining Eco-friendly and green-focused cosmetic packaging yet not compromising on appearance and a design centric mentality.