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Client: Confidential
Location: Portugal

The D-Lab is a full design, architecture, re-branding, and R&D Labs creation effort for a European manufacturer and distributor of consumer products. The design incorporates a full strategy and new product development innovation process at the board level for this multi-billion euro firm. The strength of the project comes from it’s bottom up R&D process as well as a engineering and design facing investigation into innovation and new product development.

D-Labs was a multi-year effort stemming from the desire of the firm to establish a design and innovation R&D Labs model. iGNITIATE worked with c-level managers, the board and owners of the firm to establish a model for creating the self sustaining labs, architecting their physical look and feel, and working with managers and inductees of the D-Labs to create an ongoing pipe-line of innovations to be used within the firm and as spin-ins and spin-outs based on breakthroughs developed in the labs. The D-Labs was an international cross functional effort working with divisional managers across all areas of the firm.