Want Full Eco(control) Design? Design Physical & Digital Products

Investors don’t like physical products? Why? Physicality costs & yet, Digital is as fleeting as haute couture. Are there options? Yes. Think like Gillette for the 21st century – physical + digital design. Here’s how:

Wired Labs has a good starting point: Bundling Digital and Physical but that is just the beginning as the investigation is where the juice comes out: 
     1) Ask why do it at all and what is this new thing that people are going to carry around?
     2) See who’s done it, so many have: Jawbone, UP, Brawn Electric Shavers w/skin sensors, naturally MP3 players, but there are others: Swifter, Roomba, Canary, etc. – we’ve examined these before.
     3) How’s it going to expand over time as if it isn’t a platform and it can’t learn or adapt what’s the point? 
     4) Planned obsolescence for alternative purposes: you’ve still got your old laptop around somewhere using it for other purposes? There are whole companies dedicated to recycling – yet another part of the ecosystem that your firm should be owning
And these are just a few of the ways. 
Naturally through disruptive design, there are a host more. 

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