The iGNITE Convergence Program at Northeastern University, Boston.
Friday Sept. 16 - Sunday Sept. 18, 2016

The iGNITE Convergence program is a (Friday-Sunday), 12 hours per day, team based, design, design thinking, engineering and venture creation zietgiest, consisting of 12 case studies, exercises, and group working sessions, each day, for 3 days, focusing on Design Thinking, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. Having been delivered to more than 500 participants around the globe including the US NAVY and at many private and multinational corporations worldwide, iGNITE Convergence program participants will walk into the program with an idea and emerge with a the full physical design, design thinking, engineering and business fundamentals necessary to launch any entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture. Join the iGNITE Convergence program at NEU's Nanomanufacturing, Boston here.

Created and runing since 2007 at France's Oldest Engineering School: Le Grand Ecole du Ponts et Chaussets in Paris in the PhD Engineering & MBA program by international award wining designer and engineer Professor Gregory N. Polletta, the iGNITE Convergence program is a certificate program consisting of artistic investigation, focused discussions, case studies, exercises and team presentations focusing on design, design thinking, engineering, core business + leadership skills broken down into 3 days with 3 specific tangible outcomes:

Vision via Design Thinking
& The Artists Mentality
Engineering for New
Product Development
Entrepreneurial & Intrepreneurial

DAY 1 OUTPUT: Creative Solutions
Participants' and team progress is based on each groups rotating role of design leader and team followers based on 12 design thinking tool case studies and exercises. In addition to design team advising sessions with the program director, teams will receive leadership guidance from mentors, investors, and industry experts as well as instructors in the 3 day program running in a very time intense and focused atmosphere via teams of five or six participants to develop and craft new products or services for an existing organization or a new venture with external design, and manufacturing executives from multinational firms. Simply, participants in the iGNITE Convergence program , often say they had no idea they could create so much in so little time and are constantly amazed at the level of professional output that they can accomplish.

DAY 2 OUTPUT: Innovative Directions
Nano Design, Nano Services and Nano Engineering focused project ideas are not proposed by participants or given by the instructors, they are not voted on or croudsourced, they are discussed and selected by participants in each team at the program on the 1st day. 12 design innovaiton and disruptive deisgn tool case studies and exercises are completed and participtans focus on what and how a game changing new product or service can be organized for maximum impact in the econsystem for which that product or service is to be made available.

DAY 3 OUTPUT: Entrepreneurial & Intrepreneurial Goals
Focused, tight, design centric, finaically viable, engineering possible and beautiful products are the cornerstone to brining innovations to the light of the real world. Participants walk away from the iGNITE Convergence program able to present to partners, collaborators, manufacturers, VC's, investors, other engineers and strategic partners, employees and collaborators. Teams will have multiple runs to perfect their designs, communication styles including elevator pitchs, roleplaying and feedback throughout the program. This program is not meant as a feeder for TechCrunch, Y-Combinator or for investors looking to fund ideas generated by the program thus allowing for specialized IP to remain with the participants of the program. Industry experts, professors, and experts may be present to lend guidance and give specific direction if participants are interested.

Explore the Northeastern 2016 iGNITE Convergence program and see our international testimonials here.


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The iGNITE Convergence Program + Executive Education

- The US Navy, Newport, USA
- John Hopkins University
- Georgetown University
- European School of Economics
  Milan & Rome, Italy
- Parsons School of Design,
  Paris, France
- Ecole Nationale des Ponts et
  Chaussees - ENPC PhD/MBA
  Program, Paris
- Lucerne School of Art & Design
- Government of Singapore
- McCann Eriksson, Milan, Italy