Our Direction: A Solid Philosophy

Our focus: Analyzing, designing, and shepherding to market new product development efforts and new services offerings in an easy to understand language for investors, boards, and external partners be it manufacturers, marketers, or partner organizations interested in commercializing newly identified innovations. This allows our clients to do what they do best - serve their customers and continue to bring to market game changing new products and services.

iGNITIATE focuses on two specific paths in our partnerships with our clients. First and most important is helping our clients understand the complexity of dealing with the innovation game: removing the blocks to creative and ground breaking thinking. Second and equally important is our specific and tangible skills at assisting our clients with physically creating, engineering, launching and managing the development of breakthrough products via unknown or misplaced Research & Development efforts and Intellectual Property that might have been locked in the basement and to get these new ideas out, into market and their value back into the firm. Learn more >

To Learn how iGNITIATE's proven track record and international successes can benefit your firm, begin by Designing The Journey thus Reaching Your Design + Innovation Goals allowing you to be part of Our Succcess With Design & Innovation all simply by Contacting Us.


Worldwide Innovation Excellence
Leveraging design, innovation, R&D, customers, manufacturers, and the entire innovation chain is not a daunting task. See how it is done all over the globe and how your organization can take advantage of this. Read more >