Reaching Your Design + Innovation Goal Starts Here

There are tremendous and wide spread misconceptions about innovation and design disruption: what is it, how can it be utilized, and most importantly how can it's validity be measured against return on investment. At iGNITIATE we are innovation, strategy, product design and engineering experts. Each of our internationally educated and proven associates and advisors has at the minimum 15 years experience in assisting firms first understand what is innovation and innovation strategies and then with absolute specificity have designed and engineered new products, new services, and innovation change management tactics.

iGNITIATE helps your firm to leverage industry proven expertise in specific innovation techniques which rapidly allow for identification, design, development and deployment of new product and services initiatives. By employing a combination of Clayton Christensen's "Disruptive Technology", Henry William Chesbrough's "Open Innovation" models and our own proven processes iGNITIATE delivers immediate value by delivering:

Strategy + Analyitics
New opportunity portfolio analysis, industry & competitor comparisons and prioritization
Market sizing and new business financial analysis
Strategic partnership relationship roadmap and planning
Sales & distribution planning, VAR strategy and partner development
Customer, Management, Partner feedback system planning, development & rollout
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Product Design + Innovation
Design, material & production trend analysis + market entry approach with detailed new product launch roadmaps
Detailed new product definition and feature specifications
Concept Creation, Modeling, Visualization, and Prototyping
Product Engineering, CAD/CAM creation, Packaging, Manufacturing Sourcing and Coordination
Implementation & production schedules and management
Operations roadmaps, customer support development and fulfillment planning
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Leveraging IP + R&D Commercialization
Design Copyright, Patenting, Trademark, and IP protection planning & execution.
R&D Portfolio analysis, IP scorecard analysis and launch timeline prioritization
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The iGNITE Program & Executive Education
The iGNITE Program, and Executive Education on Design, Innovation, NPD and IP + R&D commercialization techniques Read more ›
Public Speaking, industry expert and panel participation engagements

To Learn how iGNITIATE's proven track record and international successes can benefit your firm, begin by Designing The Journey thus Reaching Your Design + Innovation Goals allowing you to be part of Our Succcess With Design & Innovation all simply by Contacting Us.


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Disruption through Design
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