Featured Success: The iGNITE Convergence Program for The US NAVY's Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group - Newport, USA

The iGNITE Convergence, Disruptive Design & Design Thinking Program at the SSG: The US NAVY's Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group was delivered with a Vice Admiral's team of 30 international commanders identified each year as candidates for Admiral. The iGNITE Convergence program has been run since 2007 at many international universities and with corporate clients globally and was combined with iGNITIATE's Strategize, Sketch & Ship model and applied to the US NAVY's Admiral's training program to specifically uncover new product and services slated for rapid launch within the US Armed forces.

The highly intense Deisgn, Engineering and MBA program consisted of 15hr/day program sessions in a rotating team environment conssing of three major components: The Artists Mentality, Disruptive Design + Innovation, and Entrepreneurship + Intrapreneurship for Strategic New Product Development. Case Studies, R&D Exercises, Design Sprints, Innovaton Group Work, Critique sessions, Presentation, and External Expert Feedback was used to produce resutls at record speed.

Selected iGNITE Convergence Program Feeback from past international government and multinational corporate clients include:
"We needed this. Bold and revolutionary ideas & tools didn't follow a cookie cutter process. I believe the iGNITE program
was very necessary for some while proving to us that we can execute design thinking efforts quickly."
- Senior Intelligence Officer CIA: United States Department of Defense

"A VERY challenging atmosphere which makes it possible to do things that I would NEVER do in normal conditions.
The iGNITE program was huge and the instructors very straight to the point which enable them to cover incredible amounts
in a very short time while making me really think about design, creating a sustainable the enterprise, its goals and way to success.
Kept the whole program very entertaining and knew exactly how to get us to work. The instructors were very open and realistic about
what was being taught, about their ideas and how to make things work in the real world."
- Chinese MBA Graduate in Innovation

"I felt the iGNITE program delivered great value & facilitated feedback on our beliefs and encouraged collaborating with other members.
The program was had a very positive attitude with a tough subject and a very tough group"
- US NAVY Pilot and Deputy Commander Joint Carrier Air Wing

"Great background, charisma from the team and teaching method which bakes an incredible amount of knowledge
into people in just no time. This definitely is about real life. I had so much fun !"
- Japanese International Designer

"Unorthodox approach to teaching the contents of the course. Extremely interactive approach involving every participant.
Very dynamic and challenging. The iGNITE program was very challenging."
- French Experienced Executive & PhD

"I have used design thinking approaches and also planned design thinking workshops before and still I learned allot of new tools and
applications. I enjoyed the iGNITE programs energy & the teams willingness to jump in with a dynamic, difficult & challenging group!"
- Commanding Officer & Captain U.S. Coast Guard

"Very lively and pro-active. The whole iGNITE program was original and kept the interest of the class. It has really made me see the other
side of the wall. Extremely interactive and instructors were well mastered in subject and special style."
- American Masters Graduate in Software Engineering

"This was bound to be a very hard group as this is 100% outside most of our comfort zones so thank you for making us try
and pushing us to make it work!"
- US AIR FORCE Pilot Wing Commander - Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing

" Highly Interactive program with a goal which is to prepare us for presenting our product to investors and manufacturing partners."
- Danish Masters Graduate in Industrial Design

"The program challenged us and let us practice the activities and skills we will use in the future. Well done!"
- US AIR FORCE Pilot & Commanding Officer Strike Fighter Squadron

"Well done with a "by nature" difficult group. Thanks for igniting our project. I think we will get our message across now."
- Deputy Director: U.S. Coast Guard

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Strategy + Analyitics
- Bard Medical Devices, USA
- Pepsi Cola, USA
- Merck - Medco California, USA
- Nielsen Media Research, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Tech Expo Manhattan, USA
- Richard Schultz Furniture, USA
- Send Word Now, USA
- Bluestar Capital, USA
- Natwest Bank, USA

Product Design + Innovation
- The World Retail Congress, London
- Louis Vuitton, Paris
- The SEED Foundation, DC, USA
- Fujitsu, Tokyo
- Avero Inc. Manhattan, USA
- Bausch&Lomb Intl., Rochester, NY
- Creanspeak Productions, LA, USA
- Sunstar / Butler Intl, Tokyo
- American Management Systems
- Swarovski, Austria
- Bankers Trust, Manhattan, USA
- CinEcitta, Rome, Italy

Leveraging IP + R&D Commercialization
- Pfizer, Manhattan, USA
- Xerox PARC, Cambridge, UK
- AMD Microprocessors, USA
- Showcase Communications, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Los Alamos Laboratories, USA
- National Governors Assoc. USA
- Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA
- US Department of Defense, USA
- Center for Advanced Technology,
  Washington DC, USA
- Charmed Technologies, USA
- D-Lab, USA & Europe

The iGNITE Convergence Program + Executive Education
+ Executive Education
- The US Navy, Newport, USA
- University of Connecticut
- John Hopkins University
- Georgetown University
- European School of Economics
  Milan & Rome, Italy
- Parsons School of Design,
  Paris, France
- Ecole Nationale des Ponts et
  Chaussees - ENPC PhD/MBA
  Program, Paris
- Lucerne School of Art & Design
- Government of Singapore
- McCann Eriksson, Milan, Italy