Featured Success: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories - Livermore, California, USA

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories is one of America's most advanced governmental research laboratories focusing in Nuclear weapons technology with research including high fusion and fission energy systems as well as counter terrorism and other emerging 21st-century military technologies to enhance U.S. military effectiveness and better protect the soldier of the future as well as Energy and Environmental systems to understand climate change and its impacts on the development of future carbon-free energy technologies.

A technology and R&D portfolio and IP scorecard analysis was completed with the identification of several key technologies to be prepared for commercialization. Business model creation, financial planning, venture capital and JV partnering was completed along with product and functional requirements analysis culminating in full product design, development and launch within a 6 month period.

Several fully market capable companies and products were setup, staffed and launched in very quick succession, funded, and later rolled back into the parent company as well as maintaining their JV status with external companies from previous stages of development.

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Strategy + Analyitics
- Bard Medical Devices, USA
- Pepsi Cola, USA
- Merck - Medco California, USA
- Nielsen Media Research, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Tech Expo Manhattan, USA
- Richard Schultz Furniture, USA
- Send Word Now, USA
- Bluestar Capital, USA
- Natwest Bank, USA

Product Design + Innovation
- The World Retail Congress, London
- Louis Vuitton, Paris
- The SEED Foundation, DC, USA
- Fujitsu, Tokyo
- Avero Inc. Manhattan, USA
- Bausch&Lomb Intl., Rochester, NY
- Creanspeak Productions, LA, USA
- Sunstar / Butler Intl, Tokyo
- American Management Systems
- Swarovski, Austria
- Bankers Trust, Manhattan, USA
- CinEcitta, Rome, Italy

Leveraging IP + R&D Commercialization
- Pfizer, Manhattan, USA
- Xerox PARC, Cambridge, UK
- AMD Microprocessors, USA
- Showcase Communications, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Los Alamos Laboratories, USA
- National Governors Assoc. USA
- Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA
- US Department of Defense, USA
- Center for Advanced Technology,
  Washington DC, USA
- Charmed Technologies, USA
- D-Lab, USA & Europe

The iGNITE Convergence Program + Executive Education
+ Executive Education
- The US Navy, Newport, USA
- University of Connecticut
- John Hopkins University
- Georgetown University
- European School of Economics
  Milan & Rome, Italy
- Parsons School of Design,
  Paris, France
- Ecole Nationale des Ponts et
  Chaussees - ENPC PhD/MBA
  Program, Paris
- Lucerne School of Art & Design
- Government of Singapore
- McCann Eriksson, Milan, Italy