Featured Success: D-Labs for Confidential

The D-Lab is a full design, architecture, re-branding, and R&D Labs creation effort for a European manufacturer and distributor of consumer products. The design incorporates a full strategy and new product development innovation process at the board level for this multi-billion euro firm. The strength of the project comes from it's bottom up R&D process as well as a engineering and design facing investigation into innovation and new product development. This was a multi-year effort stemming from the desire of the firm to establish a design and innovation R&D Labs model. iGNITIATE worked with c-level managers, the board and owners of the firm to establish a model for creating the self sustaining labs, architecting their physical look and feel, and working with managers and inductees of the D-Labs to create an ongoing pipe-line of innovations to be used within the firm and as spin-ins and spin-outs based on breakthroughs developed in the labs. The D-Labs was an international cross functional effort working with divisional managers across all areas of the firm.

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SUCCESS at D-Lab Image #1 gregory polletta SUCCESS at D-Lab Image #2 gregory polletta SUCCESS at D-Lab Image #3 gregory polletta


Strategy + Analyitics
- Bard Medical Devices, USA
- Pepsi Cola, USA
- Merck - Medco California, USA
- Nielsen Media Research, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Tech Expo Manhattan, USA
- Richard Schultz Furniture, USA
- Send Word Now, USA
- Bluestar Capital, USA
- Natwest Bank, USA

Product Design + Innovation
- The World Retail Congress, London
- Louis Vuitton, Paris
- The SEED Foundation, DC, USA
- Fujitsu, Tokyo
- Avero Inc. Manhattan, USA
- Bausch&Lomb Intl., Rochester, NY
- Creanspeak Productions, LA, USA
- Sunstar / Butler Intl, Tokyo
- American Management Systems
- Swarovski, Austria
- Bankers Trust, Manhattan, USA
- CinEcitta, Rome, Italy

Leveraging IP + R&D Commercialization
- Pfizer, Manhattan, USA
- Xerox PARC, Cambridge, UK
- AMD Microprocessors, USA
- Showcase Communications, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Los Alamos Laboratories, USA
- National Governors Assoc. USA
- Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA
- US Department of Defense, USA
- Center for Advanced Technology,
  Washington DC, USA
- Charmed Technologies, USA
- D-Lab, USA & Europe

The iGNITE Convergence Program + Executive Education
+ Executive Education
- The US Navy, Newport, USA
- University of Connecticut
- John Hopkins University
- Georgetown University
- European School of Economics
  Milan & Rome, Italy
- Parsons School of Design,
  Paris, France
- Ecole Nationale des Ponts et
  Chaussees - ENPC PhD/MBA
  Program, Paris
- Lucerne School of Art & Design
- Government of Singapore
- McCann Eriksson, Milan, Italy