Our Services: Leveraging IP + R&D Commercialization

Via utilizing iGNITIATE's proprietary IP + R&D models we are able to leverage your firms R&D efforts via the Balanced R&D Portfolio Scorecard system of commercialization therefore making your company's existing intellectual property work for you. and protecting a Design, Disruption and implementing IP strategy cycle to launch products into the market quickly thus increasing your firms new product development ROI. Explore below some of the ways that iGNITIATE can achieve this for your organization. iGNITIATE's disruptive design models are a substantial factor in developing your firms new product & service development efforts and create a culture of IP implementation in an ongoing basis via our innovation training for your team and executive management.

Balanced R&D Portfolio Scorecard
Does your firm embark on R&D? Do you spend time and substantial amounts of time with your engineering teams, partners, manufacturers, and customers to commercialize your new product development efforts? If not then a R&D scorecard mode to prioritize and manage the launch of new and emerging technologies, products and services can help.

iGNITIATE assists organizations in correctly utilizing innovation management tools to harness the power of completed and soon to be completed R&D and to leverage it in the marketplace. Our past successes with venture capital, university R&D, advanced government laboratories corporations and small/mid-size firms has produced specific returns on investment after utilizing our proven R&D balanced portfolio assesment system.

Making your company's existing intellectual property work for you.
iGNITIATE's team are experts in transitioning advanced research, and new product & service development to the market in a rapid and efficient as well as creative and market unique manner.

From our work with multinational corporations, small and mid-sized firms, family run businesses as well as world governments, universities and startups, iGNITIATE's team of engineers, operational experts, lawyers and business strategists, can take your firms underlying IP and turn this into a competitive advantage and then apply this advantage to launch ready products and services.

Design, Disruption and implementing IP strategy
iGNITIATE works with our clients to leverage the power of design by specifically creating disruption within the marketplace creating new markets for our clients products and services. Our implementation models and partnerships with industry experts in the field of IP protection allows your firms return on investment to be further protected.

To Learn how iGNITIATE's proven track record and international successes can benefit your firm, begin by Designing The Journey thus Reaching Your Design + Innovation Goals allowing you to be part of Our Succcess With Design & Innovation all simply by Contacting Us.


Transforming & Leveraging R&D
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New Ventures New Innovations
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- Pfizer, Manhattan, USA
- Xerox PARC, Cambridge, UK
- AMD Microprocessors, USA
- Showcase Communications, USA
- National Science Foundation, USA
- Los Alamos Laboratories, USA
- National Governors Assoc. USA
- Lawrence Livermore Labs, USA
- US Department of Defense, USA
- Center for Advanced Technology,
  Washington DC, USA
- Charmed Technologies, USA
- D-Lab, USA & Europe