Our Services: Product Design and Innovation

The three basic steps of design, design thinking and innovation as part of iGNITIATES proprietary model of: 1st Engaging Disruptive Design and design services, prototyping, mockups, and customer feedback then delivering breakthrough new products, followed by Branding and Packaging design, supported by Engineering and Realization integration to move your new product development efforts from sketch to ship quickly and with minimal frustration. Explore below some of the ways that iGNITIATE can achieve this for your organization.

Engaging Disruptive Design
iGNITIATE international design team is composed of highly qualified design professionals of various disciplines, each having diverse experiences, history, and approaches with a common design philosophy: intelligent disruptive design through creative research - the foundation for ground breaking design processes, engineering specifications and true game changing new products and services

iGNITIATE accomplishes this by blending market research methods with disruptive design methodologies in every aspect of the process via multi-disciplinary client centric processes. Developing safe design is a common industry practice. Launching new products and services that out perform the market is what iGNITIATE generates for our clients via our engineering and realization capabilities.

Branding and Packaging
Branding is the personality identifying a product or service and the heart of the connection between a company and end consumers. With examples such as Nike and Apple, Carfour, Harrods, BMW, Alessi and Armani, the recognition and perception of a worldwide brand is directly influenced by its visual presentation.

iGNITIATE's creates full visual brand experiences through market research, trend spotting , trend analysis and complete art direction to place and create a sustainable niche for our clients products in a highly competitive marketplace. Previous packaging work have included logo changes, color direction, corporate documents creation & re-branding, presentation material templates, full product packaging design, package engineering and production engineering.

Engineering and Realization
iGNITIATE employs low tech design, pencil and paper, cardboard and clay in the hands of skilled craftsman along with high tech CAD/CAM, visualization, virtual strength testing, SLA rapid prototyping, electronics design, IC integration and CNC machining to create and test disruptive designs created for our clients. From initial design ideation through the design and engineering process our new product and new service designs are carefully validated by our own and our clients manufacturing partners to ensure that ideal manufacturing and production facilities around the world are coordinated when it comes time for full product launches.

iGNITIATE's designers and engineers are cross trained in product design, mechanical design, packaging, software and web development engineering capabilities. Simply, iGNITIATE designs, disrupts, develops thus defining success for your new product and services endeavours.

iGNITIATE's disruptive design models are a substantial factor in developing your firms new product & service development efforts and create a culture of IP implementation in an ongoing basis via our innovation training for your team and executive management.

To Learn how iGNITIATE's proven track record and international successes can benefit your firm, begin by Designing The Journey thus Reaching Your Design + Innovation Goals allowing you to be part of Our Succcess With Design & Innovation all simply by Contacting Us.


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- The World Retail Congress, London
- Louis Vuitton, Paris
- The SEED Foundation, DC, USA
- Fujitsu, Tokyo
- Avero Inc. Manhattan, USA
- Bausch&Lomb Intl., Rochester, NY
- Creanspeak Productions, LA, USA
- Sunstar / Butler Intl, Tokyo
- American Management Systems
- Swarovski, Austria
- Bankers Trust, Manhattan, USA
- CinEcitta, Rome, Italy